How To Select The Best Large Format UV flatbed Printer?

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How To Select The Best Large Format UV flatbed Printer?

With one large format UV flatbed printer you can print metal, ceramic, glasses, large size MDF board, can print any pictures you want.  Some jobs if sent to copy shops need a large cost, so if you have a good business, can consider to buy a large size flatbed printer. But how to choose a large format printer available for you, that’s a question. This article provide you some suggestions that must be considered when choose large format printer.



The first thing any user must consider is the quality of the output. This is same important with the performance of the printer. One good advice is to find a company that you can trust. Don t buy used printers from companies that is not famous or company has a bad reputation. You will later realize that you can t get the after-sales service, parts, or anyone who knows how to get them running again. Also, choose the rip software. The international RIP software is PHOTOPRINT, WASACH, ONYX.

The brand that you select can have a big impact on your overall satisfaction with your wide-format UV flatbed printer. Before making a decision there are several important details to be confirmed. Service and support are among the most important. Do they have engineer can go abroad when your printer has a big problem, and can they provide you suggestions on online in time, these things need to confirm with them before payment.


All printers has a slow speed to achieve higher quality print effect. The corollary is that high-speed throughput occurs only when you lower the quality substantially. In other words, if you buy a printer for its photo-realistic capability, then you will miss it high speed. Most printers have banding at high speeds (one pass and two pass printing does not allow the printhead to interweave and cover the printhead path lines). To do photo-quality printing you need at least 4 passes while 6 and 8 passes are preferable.



To ensure the efficient operation of your printer, most companies offer a wide range services from onsite support. With these services you can maintain the high productivity of your printing operation. Three basic services that you must look for are:

  • Warranty Services
    These services are designed to cover your basic service and support needs, ensuring your printers reliability and productivity.
  • Repair Services
    These services offer a variety of enhanced support options that help to ensure the high performance of your printers and the high quality of their output.
  • Installation and Maintenance Services
    These services offer a variety of ways to help you with the initial setup and ongoing maintenance of your printer.


As we know the most import spare parts on the UV flatbed printer is printhead. Now in the market print head used on UV flatbed printer is SPT, RICOH, TOSHIBA, EPSON,KONICA. About how to choose printhead, please check how to choose printhead on flatbed printer?