Cost of phone case printed by UV flatbed printer

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Cost of phone case printed by UV flatbed printer

1. Market analysis

Mobile phones have become a crucial part of our daily life nowadays. Everyone – from teenagers to old men – has a personal cell phone of their own.

The statistic depicts the forecast total unit shipments of smart phones worldwide from 2009 to 2019. In 2015, the smart phone shipments are forecast to total around 1.44 billion units. Most of people will choose to buy  a phone case when they have a new cell phone at first 3 months, so UV flatbed print phone case really has a very big market in recently years!


2. cost analysis

This case is only for phone cover printed by UV flatbed printer.

This cost is based on the dates of some phone case printing factory, include hardware, supplies, labor cost, ect.

A: software: GC-1513 UV flatbed printer X1 = 16000USD,

Computer for printer X1 = 1000USD

Total: 17000USD

B:  Supplies: UV ink(imported ink), 80 USD/L, one liter ink can print 80 to 100 square meters, so 80USD ÷80= 1USD/sqm.

C:  Different countries has different labor cost, according to the printing factory, one worker can operate the printer, let’s say his salary is 1000USD per month.

D:  Phone case cost: according to the market, for the blank phone case, one piece is about 0.1 to 0.5USD, let’s say it is 0.5USD for Iphone 6, TPU material.

3. Product profit

1)     This case is according to I phone 6 phone cover, material is TPU.

2)     According to the market, different material has different price, from 3USD to 10USD. TPU case is very popular in the market, let’s say it is 5USD.

3)     Size of Iphone6 is 0.124*0.0685= 0.0085sqm, so print one case need ink cost is 0.0085*1USD= 0.0085USD.

4)     Labor cost (8 working hours per day)

For GC-1513, one day can print 1500 pieces per day. So labor cost is

1000÷30÷1500= 0.022USD

5)      package cost

According to market , let’s say package is 0.2 USD.

So profit of one case is 5-(0.0085+0.022+0.5+0.2)= 4.27 USD.

According to the date we can see, there is really a big profit for the phone covers. 

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