Auto cleaning system on our UV flatbed printer

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Auto cleaning system on our UV flatbed printer

As we know for Epson DX5 printhead, ink drop is 3.5pl, nozzles are easy clogged compared with RICOH print head, then how can we keep printhead moist and do we have auto cleaning system on our UV flatbed printer?

The answer is yes, we have two ways to keep printhead nozzles moist.

(1)  Flash Jetting, means nozzles jet ink every second to keep nozzles moist. It keeps open during the break time. As the picture show below, people can choose according to their need, 2 Hz means printhead jet  ink 2 times every second.

(2)Cleaning and keep moist system. As the picture show, there are two captops ( captop system from Epson company)on the right side of printer. And there is a cleaning command on the software. When the print head nozzles need clean, then click the cleaning command on the software, printhead will move to right side, make auto-matically cleaning.  When you don’t use the printer in the night, click the “keep moist” command on the software, then printhead will move to right side, seal well with the cap top to keep nozzles moist( usually we suggest customers pour some cleaning liquid on the captop before keep moist)